Seamless Classic Eyelash Extensions adhere one eyelash extension to each natural lash. A set of classic lash extension will give you a pop of dramatic emphasis around your eye, while flattering your natural eye shape. Its understated enough for the office and will have you feeling extra sexy for a date night.

Full Set- $99

Seamless eyelash extension applied to each natural lash, creating a longer, fuller and darker lash look.

Fill-in $50

As your eyelashes go through their natural growth cycle, they will shed the natural eyelash, along with your semi-permanent extensions (2-4 per day), fill-ins should be booked every 2-4 weeks. ($50 fill in price up to 2 weeks, pricing increases at 3+ weeks).

Color Lash- Varies

As a funky alternate to a classic lash look. from subtle blues and purples to vibrant reds and yellows, colored lashes can be added in as an accent or as a full set.


Lash Tint- $15

Darker eyelashextantions-1more defined lashes. A make up free day doesn’t have to equal an eyelash free day

Tooth Gems- $40/ea

Semi-Permanent- lasts up to 6 months. No UV lighting, no drilling. Can be safely removed by a dentist



Lash Stylist- Amanda Brown