What to expect during a Lash Lift/Tint



So you’re ready to take the leap and try out lash lifts. Here is what to expect during your appointment.

Consultation: Once you arrive for your appointment, we will meet and fill out paperwork, look at your lashes and talk about your expectations from the treatment.

Preparation: You should arrive to your appointment makeup free and with out contacts in. We will then cleanse your lashes and tape you bottom lashes down and out of the way.

Silicon Rods will be chosen that fit your eye shape and lash length and then will be glued to your eyelid using a medical grade glue. Then your eyelashes will be lifted up, separated and glued to the rods.

Lifting and Setting lotions will be applied 3/4 of the way up your lash. Times will vary depending on the strength of your natural lashes, but never longer than 10 minutes for the lifting lotion and 5 minutes for the setting lotion.

Lash Bath: Lashes are cleansed to ensure all product and glue is removed. The rods will be removed and lashes will be brushed out.

Tint: Lashes are tinted if desired to a dark black color that lasts 3-4 weeks.

Enjoy- Your newly lifted and curled lashes will last 6-8 weeks with minimal maintenance. Just remember, to keep them away from water for 24 hours!


Ready to book? Email amanda@iwinkstl.com or call/text 314.276.4939

Want to offer lifts to your clients? Click here for more info


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