Cleaning Your Extensions

It is crucial for the health of your natural lashes, and for the longevity of your extensions to practice daily cleaning. After the initial 48 hour hold, you should wash your lashes once a day and dry them.

Extensions are actually placed .10 mm away from the base of the lash. So there is a small gap between the eyelid and the lash extension. This is a breeding ground for dirt, bacteria and make up.

A number of things can happen if you don’t clean daily.

  1. dirt and debris and bacteria can build up in that gap and cause any number of infections including: pink eye, sties, and even mites (Disgusting!)
  2.  Makeup can bond to the extension causing multiple lashes to stick together- this can cause your natural lash to become damaged.
  3. severe cases can cause permanent hair loss on the eyelid.

All three of these issues are easily avoided with proper hygiene, which means washing daily.

I recommend using a mild soap (a lash specific cleanser or baby shampoo) and a brush to clean daily.


Doing one eye at a time, close your eye. Apply soap to the brush and in a genital circular motion coat your lashes in soap. Then rinse clean.

Do on the other eye.

Pat dry and brush.





Here are a few tools to help:


13703028_1770201709932086_2121336336_n.jpgMakeup Eraser- Removes all of your makeup using just this cloth and water. Get it here $19.97

Micellar Water- cuts through make up VERY easily. Its a product I use to clean lashes before an appointment. Find it at your local pharmacy or grocery store. (less than $10)


Oil Free Makeup Remover/Wipes- OIL FREE is the most important word here.

Image result for lash cleansing brush

Lash Brush- Just use a lash cleanser or baby soap and this brush to throughly clean through all the lashes and remove any dirt/debris. Find on amazon or here (Lash Tavern) $4


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