The Fall Lash Shed



It’s that time of year again, when you notice losing more and more hair, in the drain, on your clothes, etc.


Did you know that your eyelashes go through a similar shed as well?

Hair on our heads, as well as the rest of our bodies grows to help protect us from the sun. As the days get shorter, there is less of a need to has hair regenerate as often, so blood cells move away from hair follicles, and more towards inner organs (to help keep you warm). Less blood flow=less hair growth.


As our bodies change to prepare for the new season, you will notice hair falling out. This affects our lash retention as well. It may mean for us extension wearers, you may need to schedule your fills a little sooner during this transition, or that your lashes may not look quite as luscious and full as normal.

The good news is, since your hair will begin to have a slower growth cycle, after the initial shed phase, your extensions should last longer!


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