Be prepared for your first lash appointment


So you’ve decided to take the jump and get your very first set of eyelash extensions. Maybe you’ve been reading blogs, or one of your girlfriends got a set….or you’re just done applying mascara everyday. There a million reasons why lash extensions are for everyone! Here are a few tips to prepare for your first appointment.

  1. Wash your hair- since you shouldn’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after your appointment, make sure to get a shower in before your appointment.
  2. No contact lenses- I advise my clients not to wear their contacts the day of their appointment. While not wearing them for the whole day is up to the client, they are 100% required to be out at the time of application.
  3. No Makeup- Make sure to remove all of your makeup with an oil free makeup remover before the appointment. Lash extensions can only be applied to clean lashes, so the more time I have to spend cleaning your lashes, the less time I have to put on extensions
  4.  Be aware of moisturizers- if you can avoid applying moisturizer around your eyes the day of your appointment, please do. Moisturizer can affect how gel pads/tape hold under your eye and can make the application process a little more difficult.
  5. Take it easy on the caffeine- don’t drink any 2 hours before the appointment, and maybe skip the second cup in the morning. Caffeine can cause a clients eyes to twitch or make the client antsy on the table. The more relaxed you are, the faster your appointment will be. We love when clients fall asleep on the table! Lash naps for life.

These are just a couple tips to have your appointment go as smooth as possible.


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