5 Tips to keep you lash extensions longer


To get the most out of your lashes extensions, it takes a little work from the clients. Here are a few tips to keep your extensions on through your next fill

  1.  Wait 24-48 hours before getting them wet. The adhesive used to apply extensions has a curing period that should not be exposed to water immediately after your appointment. Try not to shower, work out, or expose yourself to steam for 24-48 house after your appointment
  2.  Clean your lashes daily. Good hygiene is important. Makeup buildup and oils can get trapped along the lash line in between the extension and your eyelid. This can cause a number of things to happen, including blocking oil glands that can halt the growth of new hair, or infections.
  3.  Watch how you sleep. Clients with lash extensions should try to avoid sleeping on them. Sleeping face down or with extensions touching the pillow can cause lash loss or premature shedding. Try to sleep on your back, but if you are a stomach sleeper, there are special lash pillows available to purchase.
  4. Brush them. You should brush your lashes daily. This helps keep oil build up at the base of the lashes. and keeps the extensions from getting tangled.
  5.  Hands off. Try not to touch your lash extensions as much as possible. Frequent handling of the lashes can cause a breakdown of the bond. There are also oils on your hands that can weaken the adhesive.

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