10 things your lash artist wants you to know

  1. Lash Extensions don’t damage your natural lashes. There are a lot of untrained people out there giving “lash extensions” to clients, and a lot of horror stories to follow. Cluster lashes, improper isolation, unsanitary conditions will all lead to damage to your natural lashes or infections. Make sure you do your homework when choosing a last artist to apply your lashes and research their previous work. But, when applied properly, lash extensions will not damage your natural eyelashes at all. They will fall out with your natural lash cycle, or can be removed by a studio, and your beautiful normal eyelashes will be in tact.
  2. Lash extensions give you a low maintenance routine. After the first 48 hour curing period, you can go about life as normal. Showering, swimming, the gym, etc will all continue to be a part of your routine, without the hassle of cleaning raccoon eyes or reapplying makeup.
  3. Cleaning your lashes is the most important thing you can do to keep your lashes healthy. Makeup buildup, pollution and bacteria can affect your lash retention and can even lead to eye infections. Proper hygiene is important.
  4.  Clean your lashes before your fill appointment. If your artist has to spend precious lashing time cleaning off old mascara and oils, that means you get fewer lashes applied during your appointment. Save everyone time and make sure your have fresh clean lashes before you go.
  5. I’m a lash artist not a magician. The look of your eyelash extensions has a lot to do with your natural lashes. If your natural eyelashes are sparse and thin, they will not be able to support the weight of a long thick extension. If you suffer from sparse thin lashes, it might be helpful to take a supplement or use a lash serum.
  6. Don’t be shy. We want you to be as comfortable as possible so if you feel any discomfort at all, let your artist know. If your eyes are burning, or the tape/gel patch is irritating your eye, don’t be afraid to speak up, we want to stop any issues before they start. Eyelash extension application should be a pain free relaxing process. Many of our clients fall asleep during the process.
  7. Know before you go.  I always instruct my clients to use the bathroom before we start. But it’s important for you to let your artist know if you need to go during the session. I would rather have a few minutes to stop and let the fumes from the adhesive evaporate and take a couple minute break for your to use the bathroom, than for you to try and hold it and then have an emergency situation. Just communicate with your artist at all times. It’s our job to keep you comfortable.
  8. Cat eyes aren’t for everyone. I know that EVERYONE loves the dramatic look of a cat eye, but the dramatic look of a cat eye isn’t for everyone. Your eye and face shape can be completely transformed by your lashes. A person with widest eyes will look even wider with cat eyes. Hooded lids and a few others are not the best candidates for this style. Discuss with your artist which lash style will be the most flattering for your face shape.
  9. Keep talking to a minimum. When you talk during your appointment, your eyes and cheeks move and it makes it more difficult for your artist to apply extensions. It also takes up more time and can distract your artist from the task at hand.
  10. Skip the caffeine. Try to avoid drinking caffeine right before your appointment. It makes people fidget on the table and it also makes your eyelids twitch.



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